Depression in Older Adults

Depression can strike anyone of any age. Senior citizens have their own set of challenges that can make life difficult for them. That can lead to hardship and mental health challenges, such as depression. Do you have a loved one who seems to be constantly in the grip of sadness:

Here are some of the main causes of depression for those in their later years:


Whether it be physical frailty, financial limitations, or having to live in a remote senior’s facility, some elderly people feel isolated from their friends and relatives. As many cannot easily get around on their own, they may have trouble doing things with loved ones. That can lead to loneliness and a sense that no one cares for them anymore.


Seniors can feel that they have reached the end of their life and have little or nothing to show for it. Or they may be in the grips of a disease that is possible to overcome, but has taken a toll on their will to live, plunging them into depression.

Physical and Mental Decline

Even the best of us begin to lose our physical and mental dexterity as we get on in years. That can lead to feelings of depression because it is difficult, or even no longer possible, to do the regular activities of life. That can mean a loss of autonomy and having to move into managed care. This can be quite devastating for people who have long valued their independence.

Loss of Self-Worth

Those who have achieved great things in their lives can find the slower pace of their elderly years off-putting. The mind might be willing, but the body is not, or vice versa. The lack of productivity can lead to a loss of self-worth, and that may result in depression.

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