Homewood Health Centre in Guelph

Guelph has several options for those seeking help with addiction or mental health problems. The best known is probably Homewood Health Centre. Formerly called Homewood Sanitarium, this facility on Delhi Street has been a fixture in the city for more than 130 years and provided assistance to countless thousands of clients.

Homewood’s services include inpatient treatment. Clients involved in this form of therapy are assigned to a doctor and also attend various classes run by clinicians with different forms of therapeutic training. The centre was one of the first in Canada to offer Horticultural Therapy. This form of treatment involves working with plants of different types in an indoor greenhouse that is part of the property. Those participating learn new skills as well as a form of responsibility as most plants require periodic care.

The centre is quite strict in regards to its treatment programs for persons with addictions. Such individuals may be allowed to leave the property on passes, but if it is discovered that they have been using, they will be discharged from treatment, even if they are still early on in the program.

There are also many opportunities for physical activities, including a gym, an outdoor tennis court during the warm months, a bowling alley, walking trails, and fitness and yoga classes.

In addition to treatment, the hospital prides itself on recovery management. Some addictions are quite difficult to kick and people can relapse if they are not able to seek counsel during times when they are feeling vulnerable. This assistance is carried out both in-person and other the phone for those who are no longer in the area or otherwise not available.

One nice thing for people in crisis is that Homewood does not require a referral from a physician or therapist. Clients can self-refer and rapid admissions can be facilitated.


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