Staying Optimistic

Many of us feel pressured to be happy, virtually at all times. The truth is, no one is always upbeat. It’s just not natural to be thinking that everything is always wonderful. That said, it can be difficult to go through life feeling downbeat.

Do you feel like you are lacking in optimism? It can make life seem needlessly bleak if you are not convinced that good things lie ahead.

Here are some ways you can get that feeling of optimism back:

Remember the Positives

Can’t think of the good things in your life? Try writing them down. That way you have them handy and can consult them anytime you feel like there is nothing to be happy about.

In that same notebook, also list things you are looking forward to. These can be thoroughly minor and seemingly unimportant, but list them anyway: life is not always about the big moments, but instead a culmination of many, many small victories and joyous occurrences. These often don’t get talked about, but your life would be very different without them.

Don’t be Blindly Optimistic

Blind optimism has little or no basis in logical fact. It’s the equivalent of walking into a job interview and telling the interviewer that not only should they hire you, you plan to be running the company in two years.

Now, a case of proper optimism might be going into an interview confident that you will do a good job because you have taken the time to prepare. This is a good quality to have; it has a basis in reality (eg. you did the work), so in your mind, this is a feasible way to think.

Consider other areas in life where you have put in the effort and feel confident about your ability to do something. Try and carry that feeling with you whenever possible. Once you start feeling optimistic about a number of things in life, it becomes easier to believe that other areas will also work out.

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