Surviving the End of a Friendship

Have you ever had a friendship that meant more to you than just about anything? Most of us have at least one friendship that helps to define our lives. The rest have best friends that they love to spend time with and look forward to seeing.

When we are really close to someone, it can be extremely painful when that person leaves. It may be due to an argument, death, or several other reasons. Consequently, when a friendship of great importance comes to its conclusion, the emotional pain can linger for some time afterward.

Have you and a close friend recently ended your relationship? Are you still hurting and wonder if your life will ever be the same? Try these tips—they can help you to move on and regain your emotional balance.

Accept That People Change

Whether we notice it or not, everyone changes as the years pass. No one is the same person they were 20 years ago; in fact, you might not even be the same as you were 12 months in the past.

These changes can cause friendships to change, decline, and often end. This is no one’s fault, and it’s important to realize that. No one did anything wrong, so neither of you should feel any blame or anger.

Accept That It is Over

Friendships can sometimes rekindle but, for the most, when they’re done, they’re done. Problems can arise if one party does not accept this, and takes unfortunate actions toward the other. In almost all cases, this just makes an unfortunate situation all the worse.

Write Down Your Feelings

Many therapists recommend journaling as a valuable way to come to grips with anxiety and depression. Document what you are feeling at the moment; this allows you to express yourself and, in doing so, let go of some of what you are grappling with. This is healthier than keeping it bottled up inside.

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